Nature Science Foundation

(A Unique Research and Development Centre for Society Improvement)

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Go Green to save the Planet

The following simple ways to save the Earth Planet for the future generations

Green Pledge of the NSF

  • Plant a large number of plant species wherever free places available
  • Recommended for “Afforestation” programmes to plant trees species
  • Plant more medicinal plants in the surroundings to get the healthy atmosphere
  • Kitchen, terrace, indoor, orchid and ornamental gardens for making greenish
  • Do not cut trees in forests which lead to less rainfall and oxygen emission
  • Not recommended for “Deforestation” programmes to destroy plants
  • Do not use plastic bags and burn plastic materials which pollute the environment
  • Do not waste waters and sewage water can be used for irrigation purpose
  • Natural resources should not be disturbed which lead to global warming
  • Aerosol products (fresheners) and petroleum products may be reduced to use
  • Don’t discharge pesticides, paints, oils in drainage which cause the water pollution
  • Condemn old vehicles for clean environment which reduce the air pollution
  • Proper rainwater harvesting system in each house should be maintain
  • Avoid stagnant water around the buildings to prevent mosquitos borne diseases